One Hour Translation vs. Traditionelle Agenturen

Wir machen es einfach besser ...

OHT agency on the web Traditional agency
Languages covered 100+ Languages 98 languages and 3000 language pairs are covered by our own translators Varies Most agencies cover only few
Translators direct No middleman No middlemen. Translators work directly for One Hour Translation. Most agencies work with several other agencies who work with freelancers Most agencies use other agencies that use freelancers. It is often unclear who is actually doing the work.
See the translator OHT provide details on the translator working on your project. Often the agency doesn't know who is working on your project as the work is outsourced to another agency.
Direct communication
with the translator
OHT have a discussion board that enables communication with translators. In many cases the agency doesn't know who the translator is.
Speed World's fastest World's fastest translation agency. Instant quote, instant project submission. Varies With some traditional agencies it takes a few hours just to get a quote.
Capacity 25,000 translators Work directly with 25,000 professional native speaking translators. Varies Most agencies have only a few translators they work with directly and several other agencies they outsource to.
Availability 24x7x365 24/7/365 at no extra charges. Business hours Business hours, or at an additional fee for nights/weekends.
Service 24x7x365 24/7/365 included in price. Business hours Usually during business hours.
Project management Included in price Usually during business hours. Additional charge Usually involves additional fee
Account manager Included in price Usually during business hours. Additional charge Usually involves additional fee
Expert translators Coverage of all industries Variety of experts Expert translators available, with background and experience in legal, technical, business, marketing, high-tech and more. Varies Some agencies specialize in some fields, some only do general projects.
Quality Quality by design Patented real-time Reviews. ISO9001. Additional Proofreaders and Post-editors available. It depends Depending on the agency.
Price Fixed Fixed price per word. 2 service levels. 2 language groups. Complex Complex pricing per language pair.
Minimum fees No minimum None. Pay only for the words you translate. Varies Varies. Many agencies charge for 250 words increments, have a minimum fee, project management fees etc.
Urgent translation fees Speed is included None. Speed is part of the service. Additional charge Most agencies charge additional fees for urgent translations, nights and weekends.
API access Full API Full featured API, can access and use all service features directly from your system/ application via the API. Traditional agencies do not support sending projects online.
Translation management Included Included in price. Get full control of projects and processes. Manual Done manually using emails.
TM support
Glossary management
Localization platform Included
Email Translation TransBox TransBox. Unique technology that allows us to answer customers in their language. Manual.
Overhead None None. It's hassle free. Emails and calls Many emails and calls per project.
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